A.J. Capone Music Artist/Writer/producer Bio

Capone (Jack Williams) is a 52-year-old, up-and-coming, Southern Soul Blues Artist from Little Rock, Arkansas. Capone was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois where he was a record producer and song writer along with his best friend Sylvester “Earl” Powell. The two met in the Sumner School Elementary band (Chicago, Illinois) in 6th grade. Capone played the Trombone while Earl played Trumpet. The two later joined a neighbor rap/singing group in the early 80’s called CMS with friends Guy, Curt, and Que. Capone and Earl were the primary musicians/DJs of the group who Co-wrote and Produced most of the group’s songs. With the song writing skills of Capone and Earl the group dominated talent shows throughout the city of Chicago.


Capone and Earl were surrounded and influenced by several legendary recording artis on the west side of Chicago. Legendary Blues Singer “Otis Clay” was a lifelong friend of Capones family in Chicago. Capone’s mom had told Otis about he and Earl’s writing and producing skills and had invited Otis over to the house to observe them. Otis was impressed and had invited Capone and Earl to his recording studio on the west side of Chicago to teach them how to record in a studio. This was the very first studio experience of the Dual’s career. Capone was also influenced by one of the family’s other lifelong friends and Legendary Blues Singer, Tyrone Davis. He is also the nephew of Legendary Blues singer John Primer.


After graduating College at Southern Illinois University at Carbondale in 1996, where he graduated with a B.S. degree in Business Marketing, Capone and Earl got back to together to form the production dual known as E&J Productions.


As E&J, the two were signed as a production team to Un-D-Nyable Records, which was owned and operated by the Chicago White Sox Hall of Fame Baseball player, Frank Thomas. While at Un-D-Nyable the two produced and wrote songs for all artist singed to the Label, which included local artists such as Entourage, Dejah, Taja (Later known as Cherish) and the group Strong. While at Un-D-Nyable the dual also worked with rapper Chamillionaire

 (who is known for his hit single Riding Dirty) who was looking to sign with the Un-D-Nyable label. The group Entourage’s song “When” charted as high as #34 on the R&B Billboards. The group Strong’s hit song “On-and-On” was instrumental in landing the group a deal with RCA and Sony records.


The two also produced songs for local Chicago Artist Johnny P (Of Do-Or-Die), Public Announcement, Felony Davis, and James “Slique” Adams. The Public announcements album Don’t hold back charted as high as #30 on the R&B Billboards.


Capone took a hiatus from the music business in 2003 to moved to Little Rock, Arkansas to raise his three children. He promised to never let any man raise his children. While in Little Rock, Arkansas, Capone worked as an Arkansas State Trooper to feed his family until retirement. He is a lifelong member of the National Black State Troopers Coalition (NBSTC).


Earl moved to Los Angeles, California in the early 2000s to continue in his music career. He went on to produce and write songs for stars such as, Jennifer Hudson, Kiesha Cole, Tito Jackson (of the Jackson 5), Legendary Blues Singer Floyd Taylor, Syleena Johnson and so on. Earl was recognized for a Grammy on the Jennifer Hudson Album. He also composed songs for movies such as (Mis) Leading Man, The Truth and Of Boys and Men.


Earl’s son Earl Powell Jr. is the Co-star of the hit television show “All American Homecoming”, where he plays the role as J.R.


Earl currently owns and operate his own record label known as Eptone Music. In 2023, Capone became the first artist to be released under the record label. The label is releasing the first single Good Workin in March of 2023. The song is an up-tempo southern soul line dancing song that features the legendary line dance artist Big Mucci. The Album is scheduled to be released in June of 2023.


All songs were written and Produced by E&J Productions.